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AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)


Poem By AHO Speaks


We have an evil cruel sin called rape
To be handled as in most case's with the word, 'fate'

Mostly males involved in cases of rape
Protective information if it is given, is usually too late.

The woman is subjected to questions and a medical exam
Is this also done to the violator we call a man?

Men suggest what women should do
Carry a light; tear gas; whistle and whatever else can help you.

Has anyone mentioned the word testicle to a woman if she can
How the slightest touch can incapacitate the mental part of man?

If one was to take hold and pull with all their might
I guarantee you the man would never run into the night.

Of course one must protect themselves to do the act
If you are successful he will cry in agony and that's a fact.

He will be totally incapacitated to do anything to you
Your reaction will impress him forever; if again he tries something new.

I guarantee from now on he will give rape a second thought
He will know the pain and agony it brought.

I know of no man who can stand after a testicle is squeezed
More often than not he will plead and plead.

1-30-06 Aho Speaks

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What if a woman didn't have a choice to grab his testicles. Tied and gagged.