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Raped At Fifteen

Raped of my childhood
I'm all alone,
no one cares-
loss of confidence, prone.

No man is my friend,
feel I don't belong,
why are we always wrong?
My innocence is gone.

I live life in solotaire,
friends think I'm at fault,
wore a short dress that night-
the night of the assault.

Afraid of all men
I yearn to be free;
alone with my thoughts-
whatever they may be.

Wherever I go
which is always alone,
classmates frown upon me-
as if I should atone.

Branded as promiscuous
I'm an innocent soul,
was not at fault;
life’s out of control.

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Comments (2)

Vivid and disturbing but very well written 10+++
aweeee........sad and touching...well penned....god bless