Raped By The System

Raped by the system is how I feel,
Raped repeatedly traumas and more ordeals.
It all started behind racial abuse at Huey School
Now raped by the system, No that aint cool.
Beat up, spat on called by their color 2
Sexually assaulted in the bathroom, What was I to do?
When No one No one listens to you!
My 8 year old son traumatized in fear
Sorry can't help you is all I hear
Took my kids locked up in my van
Protest, protect them the best way I can.
Arrested for parking van infront of the school
What for my kids rights, safety and education 2
Not to be called out their color and cursed at too
Now DHS steps in and rips a family apart
Siblings three scattered where was their heart
It's almost three years since our nightmare
Yet raped by the system ahhh who cares?
Raped by the system, courts, lawyers, and DHS too
Raped and raped yet no ones got a clue!
Raped and raped is how we all feel
Traumatized is my family- Is this for real?
A letter to the judge cries for help see
Sent back was my letter cannot read these
I feel so wronged in many ways
This abuse day after day
Day in day out so traumatized
Raped by the system yet not surprised
Dhs took my kids from me for abuse/neglect
Come on now what the heck
When I called you 1st for help about abuse at school
Sexually assaulted was my baby what was I to do
But protest at the school
Yet you placed my kids all in foster care at risk
Raped and assaulted what's up with this?
Placed at risk yet you down grade us (parents)
Now you wonder why all the fuss
Dhs placed my children all at risk
No letter or words I'm sorry about this
My family traumatized to the brink
How much can we be raped? think
I can kkep on writing the pain is so raw too
Yet this is only MOMs side times 3 childrens abuse
The pain is real emotions all over the place
So tired so so stressed
Raped physically, mentally and emotionally
What a mess....

by Shannon Middleton

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I'm so sorry.. I can't even imagine..