How the rich has lost its luster,
the well-to-do become doom!
The sanctity gents are scattered
at the gates of all peaceful loop.

Even jackals offer their breasts
to nurse their offspring,
But my people have become unsparing
like ostriches in the desert crest.

Those who once ate pure delicacies
are bad destitute in the streets.
Those nurtured in pink and purple
now lie on dust and ash heaps.

How the precious sons of Nigeria,
once their weight in silver and gold,
are now measured as pots of clay,
the work of a potter's hands; clay?

The punishment of my Nation
is greater than that of Gomorrah,
which was overthrown in a moment
without a hand turned to help her.

[A salient prolific author...]
>> 11/07/2017
⊙ 06: 56PM


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An insightful patriotic poem well conceived and wonderfully written from the heart. Brave utterances set aside for honest reflection. Thanks for sharing Kelly.
A nice poetic imagination, Kelly. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks