ZN (September 5th,1988 / Artesia, California)

Rapid Sound And Light

I need the control, we screamed.
Come a little closer, you begged.
Let’s share our souls, I meant.

We said a lot of things
but our connection came
in the silence of the night.
Our words were just noise
and beneath cotton sheets
we exploded into sound.

Find me, we called.
I’m right here, you cried.
We’re blind, I whispered.

Neon lights danced in our eyes
and we crept to each other
like cats straight from the womb.

I shiver, we lisped.
Give me more, you blinked.
Be my star, I shone.

Catastrophe and chaos
controlled our haphazard kisses,
and soon we noticed.
Synaptic misfires misdirected
our affection,
and bedtime rituals soon became
midnight mysteries.

Please, you pleaded.
I’m sorry, I wept.
We once were, we knew.

by Zoe Nyght

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a lot of beautiful language here! I like the structure, too.