Rapunzel(Poetry Edition)

Poem By Chom Chom

By baidurya mukherjee

Rapunzel is a story we all know so well,
Rapunzel is a fairy tale,
But the thing is nobody could say it right,
They got the tid-bits correct but they forgot about the fight.
So let me tell you the story, the one which is true.
You're feeling excited, aren't you?

Well there was a couple who had no child,
Because one was crazy the other was wild,
But one day the wife said'Oh! My tummy--
I think I am going to be a mummy,
But first i need some rapunzel 'cause its yummy, yummy, yummy!

The husband was scared of his fat wife,
And ran to get the rapunzel, for the sake of his life,
He ran to get the rapunzel,
But instead he fell into a well.....

Anyway he went to the garden, but a witch came at once,
Then she cackled a bit and began to dance,
And said'Take alll the rapunzel you want!
But remember i will be your child's aunt-
And the moment she is born i'll take her away,
And you can cry chewing some hay.
Then the witch left, leaving the husband in a fix,
At last he took the rapunzel and inhaled some vicks,

The wife was greedy and ate it all,
And the daughter was born plump and tall,
But just then the old witch came,
And kicked them so hard that they became lame,
Then she took the child away,
And the husband started to cry, chewing some hay,

The girl grew up fair and beautiful,
And she always sat in an aC room to keep herself super cool,
The witch was kind to her, but locked her in a tower,
And everyday she fed her, corn flour,

The witch was old and had antharitis,
And she lived maiunly on rotten fish,
The tower was locked and had a window at the top,
Through which the witch entered and cleaned the room with a mop,
One day a prince came that way,
And vowed to take the girl away,
So he proposed to her,
The girl accepted smiling from the tower, ,
Then the girl whose name was Rapunzel,
Combed her hair and applied some gel,
Then from the tower she jumped,
And into the prince she bumped,
But both were happy and were about to leave,
when the witch arrived, dressed in a sieve,
The witch stood in thier way but rapunzel slapped her,
And she flew away like a rocket, very far!

And so both were wed,
And well-fed,
Now you must admit,
The poem was good, wasn't it?

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