Rashonull Argument

Let's have an argument, just you and I
I'll say what's bad about fags, you reply
With all of the good things, that keep you so chained
Be my guest, go ahead, and to me explain

As to why you are better off sucking on them
You've got your reasons, at least about ten
And when I mention something that isn't so good
You'll respond very rashohnully, I knew that you would

The cost, the health damage, the sheer slavery
They don't really count, you match them with glee
With reasons, you've found them, in a maze of your construction
It's much better to smoke, how's that for a deduction

I'm dumbstruck, I'm flabbergasted, I'm still sucking for air
You've come up with a positive, how did you dare?
For the most loathsome, most vile, most disgusting of all vice
You've found something to say about them which is rather nice

by Alessandra Liverani

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