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JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)


You rat-
You seem so secure,
In the tower of your stupid self-righteousness;
Others fall, but not you-
Your footing is secure, there on the heights:
Others fall, tumbling to the depths below,
But not you-
You have sure footing,
And you have used it
To push others from their less-secure perch.
Safe in yourself,
Unaware that others hate you,
Betrayer of trust,
Murderer of confidence.
Do you think you may earn
Some happier heaven, rewarded by God
For your stupid judgmental ways?
Not so, fool. God will not wink at you-
He needs no informer,
And to Him you are worthless.
So rest on yourself, now.
Soon, you will not rest.

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Textbook angst - well captured!