Just Not Right

Seesaw Tip had too much.
And now the plank sees and saws.
With children laughing loud
Up and Down but just not right.

Tight rope - walker tilting, had too much.
And now the body sways left and right.
with breath running short,
Left and right but just not right.

Balance uneven, had too much,
And now the pans sink and rise.
With money clanking soft,
Up and down but just not right.

Me, hah! I've had too......
And now my life in focuses and out focuses,
With people talking forever,
Loud and soft but just not right.

Black and white,
But just not right.

by Vera Sidhwa

Comments (1)

I love it. I simply love it. This poem is incredible, val. Probably one of your best ever. I mean it. Always yours, Ja/\/\e$