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Rats And Mice

The means humans use to kill them may not be painless and nice
But despite trapping and poisoning they will never bring about the extinction of rats and mice
One female rodent can give birth to five hundred young a year
That this is their means of survival does seem obviously clear

For centuries humans have used cats and dogs for rodent control
This than rats more so than mice did take a greater toll
But baiting and trapping as a means of pest control has met with greater success
Still no shortage of rats and mice in the World nonetheless

As carriers of disease fatal to humans rats and mice are known
Over the centuries the number of human fatalities due to rodent spread disease into millions has grown
In dark holes and crevices in human homes they hide by day
From where you sleep the nearest rat or mouse may not be far away

Their secrets of survival their breeding capabilities and their sexual drive
And despite cats and dogs and baiting and trapping as a species they survive
Though to rid the World of them humans their best does try
Like rabbits they breed again and multiply.

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