MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Ratting On The Ratings

They've been at
my stats!

it's taken them weeks,
the stupid geeks

I've gone from nine or ten
back then

to average four
or not much more

they haven't finished... so it seems...
do I feel diminished? In your dreams!

like a melting, sad poetic snowman?
the answer's a belting, glad, oh no, man!

doing all those hits
must be boring, silly shits

but although it's boring
they've sent my 'total hits' soaring -

raised to the skies my poetic cred -
you'd think, by thousands I've now been read!

sticks and hackers
may hurt my knackers

but at least these nerds
can't mess with the words


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Comments (3)

Dunno. What do you think?
Does it worry you then why write, do you write to get read, are you being read who else it fiddling with the poets work, is anything genuine on this site is there any truth at all being spoken will they fiddle your poetry after your dead and will you be aware of it, will your gang still love you AJS
I love the resolve...'but at least these nerds can't mess with the words yet' This is true! A nice 'reflective' write, Michael.