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Rattlesnakes (The Human Kind)
( / Cleveland, Ohio)

Rattlesnakes (The Human Kind)

Poem By Luke Easter

Romans 3: 3, “What if some did not believe? ”
Is it possible that hinders your ability to receive?
In your life there will be many without faith,
From now on we'll call them Rattlesnakes.

Luke chapter seventeen verses one through three,
A millstone around the neck and cast into the sea,
It is impossible but that offenses will come: yet woe,
To those leading astray & better they should know.

Here is another relevant piece of information,
It’s the bible that tells us to flee from fornication,
Satan gets us to sign ungodly forms of registration,
Processing thoughts laced with illicit information,

If thy brother would trespass against thee, take heed,
Rebuke him: and if he repents, do forgive him please,
If the apology’s sincere as one praying on their knees,
Not phony like that of a long robed hypocrite Pharisee.

Jealousy causes others to instill uncertainty in your mind,
When success leaves them wandering hopelessly behind,
The people or person telling you it is impossible to mend,
Even though smiling, believe me they are not your friend.

It’s not normal to be satisfied with where you currently are,
Golf would never be exciting if no one ever shot under par,
The popularity of American football would soon take its toll,
If points could only be scored by what is called a field goal.

Do you want to become an alcoholic or get hooked on drugs?
Start hanging out with that crowd like a wannabe with thugs,
Maybe you’d like to experience a lifetime of suffering grief,
Align yourself with doubters you will be filled with unbelief.

Ask any child, “When you grow up what do you want to be? ”
You will never hear them say, 'homeless or living in poverty, '
There’s an old saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, ”
Socializing with negative thinkers definitely won’t work for me.

Snakes are slippery and they only travel in crooked lines,
More treacherous, deadly, stealth creature, you’ll not find,
Was it not a snake in the, “Garden of Eden” that deceived?
One who had direct conversations with God, don’t be Eve.

There are sixteen varieties of this deadly poisonous snake,
Just 1 venomous bite to end your life is all that it will take,
Although the human version might not have the vipers pit,
Remember a predator is still a predator don’t U ever forget.

When bitten by mankind you’re filled with unbelief & doubt,
And scripture reading is the only way to take the poison out,
However, the longer you wait to quote the longer it will take,
If you fail to do it you’ll become 1 of 16 varieties of the snake.

Many will attempt to pass on hamburger for a juicy steak,
Or try selling second hand goods they’re claiming first rate,
Love thy neighbor, even your enemies you shouldn’t hate,
Stay away from those already classified as Rattlesnakes.

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