Rave On

Poem By Gregory Crockatt

post another poem about raving
spend some time poetry slaving
slip into fat pants and wildy dance
glow in the light uv morning trance
visual glitches, glamorous deco
a morning after, transitional echos
slide to the left, bounce to the right
come on! stay at the rave all night
smile and rejoice and hold on tight
wonderful things all worth the fight
glittering stars, sparkling eyes
another close friend in plur disguise
popping, dropping, laughing loud
dancing amongst a friendly crowd
hugging close friends and making new
enjoying the evening with your crew
feeling the bass, bumping beats
stepping out into the sunlit streets
carrying with you feelings fine
looking forward to an upcoming time
next rave, next party, next gathering
sweet musics and vibes to bring
anticipation and excitement anew
mix it up, blend tunes fresh and true
peace in the streets, love in your hearts
unity amongst respectful ravers start
to love the scene and promote the flow
we can't wait till the next raver show
new faces, unknown places, hold on tight
prepare to have some fun tonight!

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