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Ravelling Ugly Monster

Tonight, I don't want you
Never I like to be on your side
You're enchanting and cheating me
To entangle everything around me
To slave me in your voluptious captivation
To fetter me under your feet of drowsiness.
I hate your smell and colour all the time
You brood like fire in the brim of my bed.
You varnish a crystal fence outside you
With your colour to camouflage me
You try to thirst my blood like a vampire
Your mawkish mouth is like an opened tomb
But I starve not to sip your sour lips
To dehumanize my animated passions.
You fascinate me to adorn a masquerade
Over my goodness if I taste you.
Yes, you're an ugly monster from a goblet
But you never knew that I'm a richman
Of unblemished desires
With unbroken dreams and thoughts.
My dreams thrust me to live,
Though my life is depressing
And exhilarating me sometimes
In both state I needn't your presence,
Because I hate such a Ravelling Ugly Monster

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Comments (6)

Again and again! same effect! Same poet! Topics changes and words change the power of your language and those punch dialogues or expressions will be the same. A another royal display of you talent... My royal prince!
A lot of strong words.Good rhyth, Good reading.An example of good poetry.Thanks.
a great poem but is the monster within your partner or just a reflection of the person himself? ? ? love the poem =D
I am quite sure after re-reading the poem the monster is not a human being. Are you talking in this poem to something more abstract, like carnal desire itself? Whatever it is, it is causing some passionate dislike in you and you describe it with great poetic talent in this poem.
Haha like the end...I really feels like someone is mad of something when i read this..i can feel it :) But my dear friend no monster has good looking why? ? coz monster always referred as ugly by human...not in their community hahaha joking! :) Unwritten Soul
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