Raven's Croak

Poem By Anhelica Velasqsuez

Sourounded and stranded,
confinened within my own head
emotions that scream -
im better off dead
no chance of warmth
except for the fire inside my soul
that strives to melt my heart so slow
broken. bruised, and bloody
But in better shape imagineable

Not a place i can go
that they won't find me
confused and Burning Cold
but i won't let them blind me
No chance that im safe
I'll just have to wait out the day
so the night can wash it clean away
The sorrow, the pain, and the shame
all my living corpse can name...

The head stone to my eternal bed
reads a few last words for me,
under the date but above my heads reads:

'A victim of love,
a Muderer of death,
For she lives always,
not in our hearts
But Above Our Heads...'

And so i sit
under a willow tree
counting the dandilions and daisys
wondering when death finaly finds me

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beautiful poem, , , so poetical..Top marks! ! ! ! !

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