Raven Song

Poem By Talem G. W.

I woke one night, around midnight,
To voices calling faintly;
The moon was full, and shinning bright,
So onward I walked bravely.

I grabbed my coat, so dark and old,
And touched the door's gold handle;
When again the voices, sharp and bold,
Told me to light a candle.

I stepped outside, my fire lit,
And looked up to the sky;
The midnight-air felt enchanted,
And now I was not shy.

I took a walk, through the forest so dense,
Trudging my way through the dark;
When a clearing I found, past the old border fence,
And two dead trees without bark.

Then loud and clear, the calls I heard,
For I had found their source;
On each dead tree stood one black bird;
Two Ravens they were, of course!

The Ravens screamed, into the night,
Their voices filled with dread;
Most men by now, would flee with fright,
Death's image within their heads.

But as for me, I did not run,
For Death I did not hear;
The tune I heard, burned like a sun,
And chased away my fear.

The Raven's Song, was like no other,
It called out to my soul;
And as I left, the tune grew softer,
Beneath the pale moon full.

Back in my bed, I lied and listened,
The calls were soft like spring rain;
And soon I dreamt, of worlds that glistened,
Where the Raven's Song rang again.

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