HG (1986 / Wisconsin)


The nakedness of one's soul,

Is revealed.

As the strength of a mind,

Fights the feel,

Of a bed of burning coals.

Relevant to,

The God(s) Judgment Day,

As courage distinguishes illusion,

Segregates it from the truth.

Majority would be blinded by denial,

Yet, still trigger a fuse.

The heart lights the spark,

For the seeker.

He feels the fire from deep within'

As the life dealer.

Even if the brick wall interior isn't broken.

He can still color,

To express the emotions and knowledge that was frozen,

From the past life.

That's what will cripple the glass heart,

Shatter to pieces for it to spread,

Like a forest fire.

Fit the pieces of the mystery puzzle.

Even if the balance becomes tested,

And the virtue becomes miscomprehended.


Prove to doubters of your artistry,

a permanent gesture.

Like the great Da Vinci,

Create a Creed that will become convincing.

Don't use negative force,


Bring your story to life,

Through paint, poetry, photography, or song,

and it too will become a revelation.

In due time.

Even if you are long gone,

The footprints you create in this World,

Will bless you with satisfactory pleasure.

Show your value, show your vulnerability,

Don't fear the gift of being raw,

fore the constraints,

Are only invisible strings and chains.


With the existence of this place, faces,

And unlimited changes.

Don't fear for the heart will thaw,

From this known tundra.

Welcome to my personal genre.

©H.M. Gautsch

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