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Ray Mow From The Yarra Ranges

If you would like some lessons at playing the didgeridoo
Ring Ray Mow from the Yarra Ranges he is one of the few
Who runs didgeridoo classes he is good at what he do
It is out of his successes that his reputation grew.

Ray Mow is an Australian though his father is a Pole
But the way he plays the didgeridoo he has a black man's soul
He know the Koori culture well the enlightened one Ray
And people come to learn from him from many miles away

As a promoter of entertainers he became a man of note
And he once promoted Eric Bogle the famed song writer poet
And far beyond the Yarra Ranges Ray Mow is quite well known
And through his many contacts his band of friends has grown.

A character in his own right and quite a witty bloke
And he has people laughing when he cracks a funny joke
There is much to like about him he makes friends easily
And of any inhibitions he seems totally free.

A stockily built fellow in his forties full of the joys of life
He is often seen at functions with Leah his lovely wife
Ray Mow from the Yarra Ranges his type are only few
And I don't know of any better at playing the didgeridoo

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