Ray Of Light In Darkness

Poem By Thomas Viruvelil

That day I forgotten the key with me
I had to come back hiring a taxi from Mulanthuruthy
While on the car to Kaloor
I took it as one of the millions of hardships I have to undergo
till death will come like a final colourful celebration to
free me from pain generating
pain maintaining
pain producing
continuous story of pains
called life.
But when I came to office
I really enjoyed your care.
You made me feel like
a man
who has someone to care and love
and I never ever dreamed that even I will have a day
when a beautiful lovely girl will show care
to even
a cursed and lost man like me
who has no right in this world
except for abuses curses
angry faces
and an ever familiar
continous pain of being alone-
a man lost in the wilderness
to be attacked by wild animals
to be killed by thieves mercilessly
to be kicked, abused and
body to be eaten by
hungry wild animals.
Fate had been cruel to me
and my mind has become hard
with no hope ever entering it
and I firmly believed that
I have no right for anything good in life.
Those moments of care and love by you
let me keep in
a precious shell near my heart
for me to take out and hold close to my chest and lips
as I have no right for anything like that.
My fate and destiny has given me these bundles of sorrow,
loneliness and I have even forgotten to cry
because I cannot have that luxury of crying
as I have no right
for crying

Comments about Ray Of Light In Darkness

Even though the message you tried to convey is good, the arrangement of words and the way it was expressed needs improvement. A good effort but it could have been better

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