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Ray Of Sunshine

My ray of sunshine in the sky,
Making rain seem far away.
In times of need, he's by my side,
To keep my fears at bay.
Even when I'm all alone,
He's always in my heart.
He guides me to the safest place,
But never acts the part.
In his eyes there's always grief,
But he always shuts it out.
So when you see into his heart,
You feel he has no doubt.
For me to love him, it's like a crime,
As best friends shouldn't love.
Sometimes he seems to hate me,
When we've both just had enough.
These feeling I have,
Never seem real.
Yet he always gives hope,
To help me deal.
He relieves my stress,
And the pain I endure.
But he will never know,
That he only makes me bluer.
One day soon, I feel it now,
Our friendship is to crash and burn,
And with it goes my love to die,
As we must take our turn.
My ray of sunshine in the sky,
Makes the rain so far away.
He's killing me so deep inside,
That I can't bear another day.

This poem was written for my friend, who was there for me through a dark time in my life and this is my thank you to him, even though he has never seen this before.

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