Ray Of Sunshine.

The first Ray of Sunshine came forth
at my first child's, [a son] great birth.
With eyes that twinkled as of a star,
and the most brilliant of blue, by far.

His blond curly hair and skin so fair
were admired by all who were there.
A clever mind was soon seen he had,
he was a modest and smart young lad.

With ever so sensitive and quick mind
he didn't take long to fit in with his kind.
He considered others in all his thoughts
and did best as he chose, for many sorts.

He would silently worry and did really care
about injustices - and they are always there.
Many youngsters he did take under his wing
to give confidence to everyone in everything.

A good scholar and a representative sportsman too,
he shone for his Aussie teams, and mates, 'true-blue'.
Quickly years passed, and after many a lovely lass,
one day he met one who understood him, and alas.

My Ray of Sunshine, from when my days were often grey,
married our beautiful Kellie, one very special October day.
Time has passed ever so speedily since then, and after a time
two little ones arrived, and my Sunshine and Kell felt sublime.

The giving to others have made these proud parents special,
as all do love them, and much respect, they receive from all.
Two better people one would never be able to meet, or to find,
and I am so very very proud of them, and their mates of a kind.

To my Ray of Sunshine and his most precious wife and family,
the irresistible lad of energy Declan, and dear little Lara Maree,
I send you all, through this message, my best wishes, infinite love
and every rich blessing to you and your family, from God above.

Colleen Wright. T.G. © 5.08.2006

by Colleen Wright

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Colleen: A big 10 A Great Tribute to your son and grandchildren, I share the feelings. Charles Garcia
OH wow..such a lovely poem for your son and his kids...amazing! Preets