Publically Not A Republican!

If I had touched you a bit more softly,
If I had cared you a bit more craftily,
If I had wiped your tears a bit more sincerely,
If I had been there for you a bit more regularly,
If I had listened to your stories a bit more eagerly,
If I hadn't acted like sleeping, while you cried beside me,
If I hadn't sent your boys to fight, while you knelt in front of me,
You wouldn't have decided to sleep with him for another four years.

You have picked up my index finger to poke my eyes,
My arch rival had chosen the right color code image,
Anti slavery human might not have made the difference,
the elite in the urban, want the descent vigilance,
people are caught in their own trap of equal ideology,
how you speak the language, it will hurt someone truly,
Let the stock, currency and property market get stabilized,
you will change your mind, to have a 'warrior' bed mate,
I will be chosen to be yours for the following eight years.

by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

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Strand of pearls broken Strewn ‘cross vast waters Minute volcanic tokens Gaia's Sons ‘n Daughters This one deserves mention, but the last one is really good. Who, in the world, Rumi? Adeline