Poem By Patrick Bateman

Crimson Release
Anguish Decrease

Addictive Pain
Sleeve's Red Stain

Scales of October
Tipped Right Over

Framework Buckling
Lunatic Chuckling

Sanity Erodes
Mentality Explodes

Advocating Horror
Felodese Explorer

Hampering Solutions
Is society's pollutions.

Comments about ~razor~

You used a common subject, but this style is unique to the subject, and you exploited it to the fullest. It's easy to read, moves well, speaks simply but deeply. Perfectly executed. Great piece.

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Scenery's somersaulting solstice
Segues to scintillating explications


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Fools Rush In... Part 1

What is that sound from the muscle of vitality?
It screams like the winds of October.
Perpetual volumes...ignominous...
Move through the vessels of mass,

Fugacious... Part 2

The regurgitated bubble float towards gaiety,
Graceful as the pollen on May's air.
Sores have been nursed by the sands at the bottom of the glass.
Partnered butterflies release renaissance into a labrynth of veracity.

~ Saint Nature Reveals It's True, Ambiguous Polarity ~

Irony is the genesis to the dearth of sanctuary.

Sanctity swallowed psychosmic sawdust