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Razorblades And Memories
YSV ( / Wales, UK)

Razorblades And Memories

The bruises that you hide
Conceal the pain inside.
The scars that never fade,
The vodka, the razorblades.

How many days have passed?
And the razorblades still hurt like hell,
The secret desperation that you could never tell.

Overdosed on memories
Of pain and insecurities,
The calm embrace of silence
Washes over me.

There’s nothing left to do
But watch the day fade,
My tears are pure
And wash the pain away.

A whisper dies
In a heartbeat,
Silence arrives,
In desperate repeat.

The door is open,
Inviting in the cold.
Desperate for the warmth of the sun.
But the memories are old
And fade away.

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