! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Re-Equated

[Inspired by Christine Austin Cole’s “Body of Works” ]

I’ve changed my minuses to plusses
I’ve transcended to other side of equation
I’m into the glass mirror; as reality of reflection
I believe in purple unicorns and translucent humans
So what I hear in rhyme; at least musical to touch
Is all that I believe
Poems are not the brazen nudity of math
They are the coloring, coverings, cravings of mind, heart and soul
They need no alphanumeric monstrosity for the gazette
They live as abstract moments: of abject grief or leaping happiness

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brazen nudity? ? alphanumeric monstrosity? ? there is grief in maths and happiness too I, for one, cannot imagine a life without mathematics and I'm sure you cannot either, can you?
it is..... very beautifully written indeed safely a tenner...its so surreal and musical almost mystical and has a dreamy charm in its very own class...very well done indeed..tc it saddened me too...for.. i refer you to my 1st page 1st poem