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Re-Route For Love
KL (unknown / the womb)

Re-Route For Love

It is said that people
Can't make you mad.
that was not said of granddad's.

Children who are lazy or just plain slow
Add fire to anger as they go.
Love prevails most of the time,

Keeping your anger from crime.
Do this! do that!
over and over...

While the children are getting phat,
From food that they never buy
And if you ask them....they ask why?

Makes a grown person want to cry.
Not doing...and they are not shy,
They rush up and out of bed...

Marching right pass what the parent
Has said.
Both hands out...

When either is filled they want to pout.
Then the parent wants to shout...
But the parent,

Remembering no one can make you mad...
Damn! being a real parent is so sad.
Do this! do that!

While they re-act as if they are a slave,
And all the while sending the parent to his or her grave.
They are only... ask to repeat a smalltask...

But inside they wonder why they are asked.
That is when the real parent stands tall
It is not the anger but the love of it all...

God gave us free will
And we know not to kill...
But to chill.

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