Re-Union (1) (Two Sisters After 40 Years Separation)

Ho and Fang came from the same family,
living in misery and poverty.
Their parents had 13 children.
To other better-off families,5 were given,
including 11 month-old Ho and 2 month-old Fang,
They had been separated since then.

It was 40 years ago.
To each other, never did they know.

They are working in the same company.
It is Cathay Life Insurance with 30,000 employees.
Recently the out-standing employees had vacation trip to L.A city.
Travelling in the same coach,
were Ho and Fang....both.
Ho bought a big cup of coffee,
So she shared with Fang for free.
Then they became friends and started to chat,
about the present and the past many decades back.
Then they discovered that they were long-separated sisters,
which proved true after returning to Taiwan home-land.
At that moment they couldn't be happier.
The theme of their trip was ' Change Your Life'
so true for them because it ended their 'separation' plight.

(Based on true story)

by U Win Kyi

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i thought this was supposed to be a poem, not story.