Re-Union (2) (Stranger Than Fiction)

Tsai was a man 77 years old.
In Hong Kong he met a Vietnamese woman 40 years ago.
He gave her a photo of him
and a name-embossed ring.
After that the War broke out.
and the battles fiercely fought.
She returned back to Vietnam
and he to Taiwan.
She was pregnant with his daughter.
After giving birth she died 2 months later.
The baby daughter was adopted by her aunty.
At 18 she was told the true story.
She determined to find her Daddy.
She came to Taiwan as a care-giver of a patient....Tsai's sweety.
At that point they didn't know the relationship of father and daughter.
The patient died 7 months later.
To a remote off-shore island, she was then transfered.
The photo and ring, she forgot to take with her.
She telephoned a local police to send them.
To Tsai's home he rapidly ran.
Tsai opened a small bag to see what was inside.
His photo and ring came out into light.
The flowing tears he couldn't control,
as the sad-to-happy story started to unfold.
The DNA test proved they were father and daughter.
They couldn't be happier.
The reunoin had a happy ending,
much stranger than the fiction.

by U Win Kyi

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