IJ (02/27/87 / Deerfield Beach, Florida)

Re-Vamped And Realizing

Feelings are sometimes over rated wit good intentions,

hoping that someday it will be true, but never mentioned.

Me, U, a beautiful thought at that particular time,

but slowly reliezing that, it was a force feeling that you were mine.

In Fact, U never was MY LADY, but my mind was on some otha shit,

Isolation has help me relieze that, I maybe i just need to be on some 'DO ME' shit.

My mind is so blunt but my heart stays in 'i can't do that' mode,

But my mind also says that its one more waiting for me down this lonely road.

Things can't change because you had PLENTY of time 2 correct your mistakes and Errors,

Time is lost and you have failed to pack up and move on with the provided traveler.

Is it me.......naw, its just that rewards don't come to the undeserving,

charish what u have, acknowlegde your blessing, or....................it'll end up Leaving

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