Re-Written Torn

Poem By Jean Eugene Guan

After I fall,
I learn to rise.
To face the new sunlight,
Beyond the clouds.
I learn to fight,
All the fears and adversity.
And be able to learn to see
That I can do this.

That I can do whatever I do.
I can make it on my own.
No one cannot stop me,
I can’t be easily overthrown.
I will face it again and again,
Never learn that failure
Can be the end.

That when I rise,
I’m a new person.
Learning from the failure,
I have won.
And that makes me a winner,
For I faced what I did wrong.

That after I fail,
I begin to be better.
That a torn paper,
A vision of mistake.
Can be written again,
On a new page of life,
If that chance, we’ll take.

Comments about Re-Written Torn

I like this poem very much - great title and the poem really speaks and jumps out of the page - great inspriation in it too, Steve

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