Reach For The Ground

You almost always expect the ground to be there when you take a step
When you are walking with your blinders on
And your eyes can only look ahead
And your feet are moving almost on their own

Down that road, paved with red bricks
Masons carefully leveled and angled the curves
So that the road leads exactly to its destination
So far away that from the beginning it is impossible to see the end

Your feet carry you unconsciously down that road
hugging its curves as you look over the sides
ogling at the rays of sunlight that the combination of light and trees made
admiring the lone cherry blossom in the coniferous forest

longing for the scent of fresh air that you havent been able to breathe in
not since you started walking
sometimes you just need to stop for a little while
you need to lay on the grass and feel it on the skin on the back of your arms
when they touch it because your t shirt lets them

Knowing where the road leads to doesnt help you get there
If you don't take your time, you may find that crack in the ground
the one you didnt expect
And learn to expect everything and nothing at the same time

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