Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Wallet

Poem By Tom Higgins

On Friday night whilst I, in boredom, was channel hopping,
through lots of rubbishy programmes, including shopping.
I regret to admit that I found me,
reached out to and touched by satellite, God TV,
Lots of pop singers and glamour there,
and a message for all the lost young kids to share,
oh it's so good to be good, and how they really, really care.

Then came the request to every person who feels they can,
to give as much money as possible, to help their fellow man.
Now call me cynical, but questions do arise,
who actually gets the cash, and would it be wise,
for me to simply shrink the size,
of my bank account, to give it to,
someone who preaches one thing, but who,
is really in it for their own gain?
Leaving those in need to retain their pain.

Smiley, smiley, yes indeed, we are true believers of our creed,
no other people have ever been so truly freed,
can't you see that clearly all other beliefs are wrong?
That we are oh so right, and we are also very strong.
So follow us and sing out loud for the salvation of your soul,
join us on our journey, and we will mend the hole,
in your life that you really need to have filled.
before any hope within you ends up being killed!

It would be nice to believe they do it solely for the cause,
but unfortunately, my time on Earth, makes me take a pause
to weigh up all the pros and cons of each and every offer,
especially those supposedly from God which the keys to Heaven proffer.
I only know that if there is a God he or she lives in everyone,
and that he or she never existed before human consciousness came along.

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