Contexts Of My Contents

See me not through my hair
That segregates what I bare
Let a poise of judgment be of my trends
See me not as a commodity of pitiable events
I play a game of thrones from errands
With conclusion to success as my fence

See me within the soles of my shoes
Not the dulled surface with a looming odor that senses scorns
Nor the vigorous lashes bestowed by time on its forms
It is an illusion from a wealthy man’s poor prance
See me not as I am through my moves
But the steps I cherished for my looms

See me and understand my faults
That a man never would flaunt
I lied in your closet
While you were the clause I set
So look at me with no regret
Cause I bet what you had for a trend
Were these shoes as a friend.

by Mpho Nkadimeng

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