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Reached My Limit...
AOD (May 23,1992 / North Carolina)

Reached My Limit...

Poem By Angel of Darkness

Bloody fingers
From ripping my heart apart.
Dripping on the floor.
You've made me cry more.
Teardrops, or is that blood,
Pooling beneath me.
A void inside me.
I should have known
I should have run.
Thought we could manage
Thought we could be.
A dam breaking inside of me.
Pouring out
Blurred my vision.
Wish I could see what you
Think of me.
Unbearable pain
Searing deep into my skin.
Does it really feel like you've won?
The torture I'm going through
The pain and the hurt.
Can you die from heartache?
I think I'm going!
Cannot cry anymore
No tears left.
Wish I could shut my eyes
And when I open them
See you in front of me
Holding a key to your heart.
I want to be in your arms
For eternity.
When I said I want to be free
This was not what I mean.
Pressure building up
Lost in this depression.
I'm drowning
Fading from the light.
Why put me through this?
Why put up the fight?
Hating myself
Wish I could hate you too.
Not able to think how to make
It through.
Those dreadful words;
Just friends?
That's not possible
How can I see you any other way?
I want to hold you and
Wipe the hurt away.
I'm melting in my depression.
I'm disappearing from your life.
If you want me to leave
I can do that, unwillingly.
I don't want to be alone
I want to be with you.
Pain leaking from me
From every pore.
A haze around me
That says 'Don't come back for more.'
If you plan to hurt me,
Don't even try.
I don't want to believe your lies.
But I'm bound to fall in
If you look at me that way.
So, just go, just leave.
I don't want you to stay.
I'd rather sit alone
Then die from a broken heart.
I don't want to have someone rip my life apart.
I can do that on my own.
I have before, so many times.
Just forget about me
And walk away!
Just tell someone else your lie.

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