Reaching The Destination

For every left turn made...
There is a right way to go about it.
Every right turn made,
Leaves something left behind.
Straight paths or roads without curves
May cause one in the driver's seat
To dose.
Even fall asleep.
If you're going to take the wheel
On your journey...
Be sure you are well prepared.
If you become unsure as to which way to turn,
Or who to turn to for advice,
Don't be afraid to make a mistake.
Very few can say their travels,
Have been without gliches!
In fact...
The best 'trips' have been those
With some surprises along the way,
To make reaching the destination...
And arriving with a new experience,
That much more enjoyable!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Bingo! Thanks Alison. Your assessment IS right on the mark.
The journey.... the paths taken that aren't quite right... the adventures getting back on the right path.... the bends that are blind... the easy bits we sleep through.... and all to reach a destination that is undisclosed at the beginning... Alison