Reaching The Pinnacle

And reaching the pinnacle,
Of fame and success...
Obtained carefully and taken by steps.
Can leave one unsuspecting...
And insecure at such a lofty height.

But that greatness achieved,
Is not a timeless annointment...
To be left to go unchecked.
Without a truth one should face,
With all that there is centered upon it...
To maintain as greatness is accomplished.
Can never be disrespected or it eventually fades.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

From the top their is only one to go. So be careful or your smack face off the ground. An accidentally oops I slipped, and straight to the ground, at speeds not known. And to think you didn't even make the most of it while you were their. You be ashamed of wasting such fame... True and honest poem, we don't know what we have till it is gone. And as it fades you will feel the overwhelming regret of a previous success.