A dash of emotional could force a displacement.

A pinch of physical could touch
off a combination.

A hint of intellect might spark
an exchange.

What catalyst is left?

As the rate of reaction nears zero,
there's no substance to reconnect the bonds.

Like Bokov I remain awake, pondering
the chain of events that would lead
to the perfect covalence.

by John Kipling Lewis

Comments (3)

Not my kind of poem, I just can't get into this one. But that does not mean it isn't good. Maybe it reaches a different type of person.
3. The chemistry conceit could work, but it isn't handled well. Details. (Side note: The parallel structure of the first three stanzas is off. 'Emotional' and 'physical' are adjectives, made into nouns (which doesn't work, but that's beside the point.) 'Intellect' is a noun. Be consistent.)
I'm starting to have to use my dictionary - this is great. I learn and you teach.