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Read A Book Just Don'T Face It
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Read A Book Just Don'T Face It

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Faked profiles and deceptive connections...
Found and romanced,
To seduce fantasies...
With a kept belief of delusions,
Is not a solution the internet can fix.
When people become hooked on false appearances...
Emotions in the mix of this become dangerous,
For those addicted and can not snap out of it.

Remember when the telephone rang?
And someone ran to answer it?
Those days long gone and enhanced by convenience,
Upgraded technology continues to replace...
Has also eliminated the necessity,
Of meeting people face to face.
Has created the permanence of sickened mentalities.

Read a book just don't face it.
Open it to digest the contents,
To deliberately comprehend.
Before announcing a commitment,
That hasn't started to weep its end.

Read a book just don't face it.
And study it from cover to back.
Don't rely on texted messages...
Anyone can erase,
With the replacement of distorted facts.

Read a book.
Just don't place a face on it.
To befriend someone unknown to discover,
You've been duped foolishly and emotionally tricked.

Read a book.
Just don't face it.
If no interest is there,
Leave it to replace.

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