Read From The Same Page

R-ead from the same page,
O-r you'll be far from truth;
S-tay on the right track,
E-agerly walk so smooth.
C-learly read from the same page,
H-ear the Lord God's voice;
E-xpress it in public,
L-et them make the same choice,
L-et's read from the same page, tell the world about our faith;
E-vangelize the unbelievers, don't delay and never be late.

A-im to read from the same page,
Q-uest for the similar light;
U-nderneath the blue sky
I-s the sun burning bright.
N-ever ever go astray, receive the true message;
O-n the first of August, read from the same page.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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