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Read Me Like A Book
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Read Me Like A Book

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

You wish to read me like a book?
You will find each piece to fit.
Very little of it will be misunderstood.

I am not a one dimensional quick read at all.
I lay it on the line.
You will find I wont allow anyone,
To sit and pick my mind.
I don't waste that kind of time.
Of course...
You are divorced from that as well?

You wish to read me like a book?
You have no idea how much I wish,
To get you hooked.
Craving to salivate.

Each chapter has been crafted,
With some sentiment and pain.
You will find some sorrow and regret.
And some expression of heartache left.

You will discover blemishes and flaws,
With attempts to have them corrected.
Notice I admit imperfection...
With self reflection I don't neglect.
Or regret it is you I wish to impress.

No games of tit for tat I play.
I say what I mean.
Not what you wish to hear me say.
And none of it is from mumbled lips.
I want each word read you 'read' conveyed!
I want what I say in your mind to stay.

You wish to read me like a book?
But you will never comprehend...
How long this process took.

Flip through each page,
As if you seek definition.
You will discover I am not perfect.
But freed by a peace...
To solict your complete and total admission.
Willing to show you mended scars.

You wish to read me like a book?
I knew you were coming!
That's why it is already open.
Take your time.
I want you to find me an easy read.
Hopefully to collaborate on new chapters.
You and me.

You wish to read me like a book?
Take me with your eyes.
Hold me in your hands.
And bring me close to your heart!

There we are.
That's how I like it.
Do you?

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Such simplicty in complexity is a very rare find.... :)