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Read This If You'Re My Dad

im only just realizing that is just a joke.
you laugh with me about it
you've anchored this swaying boat.
and you'd be better if i'd live without it
you've stopped before you feel.
you know how much i hurt
you sad filthy scum bag
you can tell that these tears burn.
you sorry excuse for a dad.
i can't believe i didn't see
you lied to me all these years.
really? you lied to me?
ME who came up with this
who wrote the book on our lives
ME who spent years recovering
from the emotional abuse of your wife?
you never freaking said sorry
i hate you, you bag of dirt.
you never tried to console me!
you laughed when it hurt!
you knew all of my weaknesses
you could tell i had my doubts
you knew that i'd come around
but not figure this all out.
did you think i was stupid?
wait. yes you did.
you remind me every second
every single chance you get.
now see how my fingers are flying?
you've got me started again!
i hope that you read this!
and feel sorry where it hasn't been.
i want you to squirm
like an ant under the sun.
no wonder we havent felt whole
you have never been one!
you deserve the worst
absolute torture of your life
i want this deal to be shattered
so you won't be fine.
i want you to live without me
see how much you really care
i want you to suffocate in my grasp
and try to be there.
this may sound so 'emo'
(because labels are all you speak)
and maybe i'll slit my wrists
but that wont be a part of the havoc i'll wreak.
i vow to make you feel sorry
cornered, kicked down, and lost
i promise to switch roles here
and promise to knock up the cost.
i can't believe you just sat around
while i was called things like bitch
while my mom, who did nothing,
was attacked from the ditch.
inser every hate word here
this site won't let me cuss
but know what i'm thinking on the inside
that payback is a must.
you did nothing! ! !
you told me that all was fine
you're an ass and i hate you
and no. it won't lessen in time.
if you've already stopped reading.
i can tell you this much.
you'll regret the day you started this dad.
you'll regret that we lost touch.
i'll make sure that you wince with pain
everytime i come around
i hope you're double thinking
and regretting it all now.
because you'll never feel
what ive had to endure.
you've never lifted a finger
when it comes to us, i'm sure.
and i feel so sorry for david
he has to live with a degrading ass like you
oh and lets not forget his mom
the one who started this truth.
as a team you guys are a match
she really hasn't changed.
but then again neither have you
it all makes sense today
i cant believe i hated chris
the way that i hate you now
HE was my father
when you weren't around.
he was there for me
does that make you wanna cry?
to know i loved him more than you?
aw. look at that tear in your eye.
i can't believe i wanted out.
when you didn't want me in
and with my back supported.
im finally getting you back for it

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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really good and you let a lot emotin to it