Reader To Poet

Poem By Max Reif

With a string of woven words
You invite me to follow you—
Where are you leading me?

Do you believe the rope is strong
Just because it’s of your making?
Pride can inflate a maker’s view.

I need an artifice I can hold onto!
I want to feel secure
When I give myself to you. And,

I want to go somewhere,
Not just be left in mud.
Suspend me over chasms;
Take me to the stars!
Gift me with thoughts
I’d never have
And dreams my mind
Could not create!

Poet, I’m trusting you.
I’m hanging from a lifeline
You have crafted. Learn

To take your dreams
And weave them
Of a secret stuff
So strong, so full,
That I can join you there.

Comments about Reader To Poet

Max - I like this poem, especially the stanza: 'I want to go somewhere'...I feel the same way. I think you are a passionate man who is always searching and exploring life for special experiences. It comes over in your poetry. I do so like that. Poems come from feelings; it is obvious you are a very feeling person/poet.
Well, I followed your words - and I enjoyed it. Last line could maybe do with a bit more passion.

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