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Reading Between The Lines
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Reading Between The Lines

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

More meaningful and effective,
Of a reaching an understanding...
Would be for most to agree.
Is to read the lines as they are.
To be presented.
Instead of finding reasons to read,
Between them.
For the sake of creating confusion.
And hypothetical possibilities.
With this to debate and argue,
Insisting to persist...
What does not exist to continue.
Done to solicit and allowed to permit.

"I know and hear every word you say.
And have read the same thing,
Over and over again.
Aren't you really meaning,
Something else that needs...
More clarification?
For those of us who may be missing,
Another intention you have not mentioned? "

-Yes, there is.
And so glad I am,
You brought that up.-

"I knew it!
What is it? "

-My intention not to mention,
As soon as humanly possible.
And time permits.
Is to return back,
To enjoy my peace of mind.
Already missed,
By ignoring to keep a 'social distance'.-

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