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Reading Chuang-Tzu
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Reading Chuang-Tzu

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

the matters in Helen’s life
never went smoothly for her
nevertheless she endured them
but finally
it must all have been
too much.
She died of a broken heart yet
circulated she had taken
her own life.
Helen’s son died of AIDS in 1984
never reaching
his 29th birthday
left instructions
as to what he wanted
after he was dead.
It must have helped him
He asked for
an Orthodox Jewish Funeral
although he had never practiced
Judaism, the faith
into which he was born. He also
a Memorial Service be held
100 days following
his interment.
For the first month after his death
David, his lover, and Helen
many long hours
each needing
the other.
In the third month
David began seeing
another man.
Helen felt
that wasn’t right
that he should have been
the way she was
should have lived out
the grief
she was living out.
At the Memorial Service
I handed her a copy of
The Inner Chapters
by Chuang-Tzu.
She gently
kissed my cheek
and at night
she slept
never waking again as

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Comments (2)

This is an excellent poem, and a very emotional piece...and I must not leave it as the last poem of the night...or I will dwell on how one must feel making their last wishes...and how a mother must suffer to hear them. No savage pains crueler.
Another winner, Charles! ! ! ! ! ! ! Wow.