Reading Ledgers Of Life

Reading ledgers of life throughout history, seeing the pros and
cons of everything our government has done to or for us from one
generation to the next.

The last twenty-five years at least have been devastating to we
Americans, too many lobbyists asking Presidents, senators, con-
gressmen and representatives for favors.

Giving them bribe money to do what they want, to the detriment
most of the time to our country and it's citizens, corruption
has gone over the top.

It's filling every portion of our government, we must get rid
of corrupt politicians now, people need to be more responsible
when voting.

Electing only those who have morals, ethics and values, no
more gaining power and money at taxpayers expense, we must help
President Trump drain the swamp once and for all.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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