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The Acceptance Of The Heartbroken
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Acceptance Of The Heartbroken

Poem By udontwannaknow really

'What are you doing? '

Taking off my kid gloves.
Flexing my muscles...
Prepared and ready,
To show what I'm made of!

'I thought you did that already?
At least I had that impression.'

Oh no!
If anything...
You caught me in rehearsals.
Practicing strategies.
I have only just begun...
To show what I can do,
And get what that is done!
I'm going to remove some giggles...
And a few remnants of laughs.
I have been much too lenient...
With those conveniently,
Disrespecting me and my tasks!
And far too long,
That has gone on!
I am going to make clear...
What I will unleash upon their eyes and ears!
And I've been here...
Ready for them to become aware.
My presence will be felt,
And made quite clear!

Power up my engines...

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