LRJ (January 19,1989 / Rapid City, South Dakota)

Ready Or Not

I don't know
What i possibly could have done
I have made sure that my heart
Knows you're the only one

I don't know how to tell you
About what i feel for you
I just want you to know
That all my love is for you

I know you want to move forward
And take another step
But i'm not too sure
If i'm ready yet

Honestly i'm scared
That i wont be up to par
And i dont know what else you've done
And i dont know if you are

I would love to take
These first steps with you
Because i feel you know me
Through and through

So either you can help me
By breaking my shell
Or when i'm ready
You i will just tell

But believe me
You control my heart
And with out you
It would rip itself apart

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A very good poem! I like it alot. Keep writing! :) Shannon