PP (03/06/1959 / Chicago)

Ready To Be On My Own

Let me grow into my own
You're holding me back
But don't leave me alone

I want to see my life on track
So don't hold me back
But I want to walk on my own

Cut my short puppet strings
The ones that you reined
You thought you had me trained

Let me spread my wings
Let me find out on my own
How life is going to play along

I am much bolder than you at my age
I have a mind but with less rage
I have a dream that needs to succeed

You've brainwashed me too long
I've walked your straight road
But now it's time I drove

Don't tell me I can drive
And then take away the keys
Don't tell me this is home
And then treat me like a disease

Don't tell me we're gonna do something
And then not follow through
You‘ll tell me it's for the best anyway
As long as it's convenient for you

Let me grow up, let me be me
Let me do it on my own
It's time to break free

by Pookey's Poems

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