(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Ready To Cut Down The Big Tree! !

I am as sweet as sugar! !
Lovely as the apple,
Flowing like honey,
Beautiful as the rose,
Creamy as milk,
Soft as wool,
White as snow,
Intelligent as the ant,
Wise as the tortoise,
Slow but sure!
Floating like the ink,
But arranged in order;
With the length of time!
Handsome as the mango,
With the aroma of love! !
Calm as the sea,
Colourful as the rainbow,
Quiet as the forest,
With glad tidings from my works!
Silent as the cemetery,
Caring as a mother,
Valuable as diamond!
Living in peace with my mind;
Helping others,
Praying for all my enemies! !
For, unity is the key;
As humble as a child,
Flying up high like the eagle!
But, in unity with my heart;
Teaching others to love peace,
As joyful as the sky! !
As humble as a teacher,
And like the small axe in your hand;
But, ready to cut down the big tree! !

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