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Ready To Go
SR (March 31,1990 / Abington)

Ready To Go

Standing in the gate
Ready to start
Any moment they will open
Let me run off
Leave everyone in dust
Taste of metal
Fill my mouth
Heart beats fast
Any minute now
Off I'll go
Down that road I love
Others try to bring me down
Think they are better
I know I can prove them al wrong
Just give me a couple of minutes
I'll show everyone
Just believe in me
I will do what it takes to win
Just let me go
The gun fires
Gate opens in front
I run for my life
People all around
Watching, yelling, hoping
This is what I'm best at
Perfect for the job
Best under pressure
The beat of my heart can't keep up with my feet
I'm close to the end
Just keep going
I've been waiting for this moment
So long I've dreamt of this
It has finally come

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